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Linden Lab defined a category with Second Life - the largest-ever 3D virtual world filled with the creations of its users. More than a decade later, the virtual world is better than ever, and we’ve expanded with additional platforms for empowering creativity. That’s just the beginning.

We’re now working on the next-generation virtual world that will be in the spirit of Second Life and will go far beyond it. We’re seeking more world-class talent to join us and help build the future..

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We're passionate about empowering people to digitally create whatever they can imagine. Our products have been enjoyed by millions around the world, and with more than a petabyte worth of user creations in Second Life and billions transacted in the virtual economy, we've been uniquely successful as the leader in virtual worlds.

Led by a team with deep experience across categories from consumer software to gaming, we're now creating the future of virtual worlds while continuing to evolve and improve Second Life, Blocksworld, and our other offerings.

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